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Get Certified as an Expert Ethereum Developer

The most prestigious Ethereum certification for self-taught Ethereum developers looking for formal recognition.

The B9lab certification is the gold standard of Ethereum development and tells employers that you are ready to undertake commercial projects professionally.

Becoming certified is the best way to get your skills recognised by a wider audience and fast track your interview process or consulting job. This certification will test your knowledge of Ethereum development in an in-depth manner. To maintain the gold standard and show that you are ready to deliver projects professionally, the pass mark is high. Only those who get 80% or higher receive the certification.

It consists of three parts:

  1. A 80 question multiple choice quiz. (20%)
  2. Three debugging exercises (20%)
  3. A capstone project in two parts. (60%)

What you’ll be tested on

  • How to write a Solidity smart contract in robust and optimised way
  • How to use web3 and the Truffle framework
  • How to write a comprehensive Truffle test
  • That you can build a fully functional dapp and you can deploy and test it
  • Applicable game theory, cryptography and data structures
  • Governance and responsibilities when developing on blockchains


  • A computer with at least 8 GB RAMand 50GB free hard-disk space
  • Extensive and in-depth Ethereum knowledge



per attempt

4.6/5 rating on

6 weeks

Gold standard certification
Feedback from our expert instructors
Create a project to show employers
Fast track your interview process
Certificate on the Ethereum Blockchain

How it works


Join this certification course

Pay the certification fee to start your exam at anytime

Repository & exam access

We create a git repo and you are added to the Ethereum Developer Certification area in the B9lab Academy
In the Certification area you will find three test modules: the 80 question quiz, the debugging exercises and the first half of the capstone project.
You can take the modules in any order but you must submit the first half of the capstone project to unlock the second half.

Submit exam

Once you finish all the examination tasks, send an email to the examination team telling us that you have finished.
The examiners will assess your submission within four weeks.

Get certified

When you achieve 80% or more, you will be issued with a B9lab certification as an Ethereum developer

You can see how B9lab certification works at the B9lab Certificate Center.

“Without a doubt, my certification as an ethereum developer (combined with lots of hard work and late nights) was the key factor in landing my new role reviewing/refactoring and writing solidity smart contracts and Nodejs tests, as well as helping to shape the architecture of the project. So, a big thank you B9lab for all the great instruction and code reviews.”

Nick F.

“I'm very happy sharing with you all my Ethereum Developer Course Certification from B9lab! The cool thing is that the certificate will be forever recorded in Ethereum Mainnet Blockchain. You can have a look and click on the transaction details if you feel brave enough :)”

Alberto P.

“Just got a new job as a CTO in a startup looking to use blockchain as part of their architecture. I've got a fair amount of experience in a bunch of platforms, but right now, *this* was the differentiator - so to anyone else looking to change/accelerate their career through the b9lab courses, I'd say you've made the correct decision.”

Dean C.

Where our alumni work

B9lab alumni are thriving at some of the world's top companies in the blockchain space and beyond, including:

Meet Your Examiners

Your blockchain certification examiners are veterans of the decentralised tech community. They also instruct, create and mentor on the full B9lab blockchain developer courses in multiple protocols, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, etc. If you take a full blockchain developer course with us, you can get one-on-one support and code review from these and many other expert instructors.

Xavier Lepretre


Xavier is a software and infrastructure engineer. In the past 15 years, he has coded, deployed, customised, troubleshot, and supported various software systems. He has also guided, educated, taught, and coached customers across Asia. Xavier used to be based in Thailand and Singapore. For more than two years now, he has been a keen member of the blockchain community.

Rob Hitchens


Rob has worn many hats in his extensive IT career including experience designing, constructing, implementing and operating innovative software solutions, developing training programs and supporting online education platforms. Rob has been dabbling in blockchain technology since the early days and quickly recognised the disruptive potential of Smart Contracts and decentralised apps. Since 2016, Rob has been absorbing all things related to Smart Contracts and supporting developers on their quest to master this technology.

Citlali Mora Catlett


Citlali is a political scientist with a focus on international relations, international organizations, security policy and economy. She has a BA in Political Science, Economy and Business Administration and a MA in Political Science from the LMU Munich. Citlali has worked at international scholar conferences providing educational experiences for students from around the world, as well as substantial preparation materials and general conference services and assisted in university undergrad courses.

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