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We estimate your workload to be about 10 to 15 hours.

Recommended Experience

Basic understanding of computing principles. Elementary understanding of networks and databases.


No reqirements needed.

Introduction to Corda for Developers

This free introduction to the Corda Developer Course gives you an overview and basic understanding of the blockchain technology, managed networks in general, plus an introduction to Corda - a blockchain and smart contract platform designed for business and enterprise. You will get connected with the basics of Corda and learn the most important terms and concepts of this private blockchain.

This free online course is just a small selection of content from the in-depth, fully mentored Corda Developer Course.

What is inside?

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Managed Blockchains
  • Consensus mechanism
  • Cryptografic Fundamentals
  • Corda Basics
  • Corda Key Concepts
  • Insights to hands on Examples & Exercises
  • Introduction to ethical aspects


The course runs continously, you can join at any time for free!

Ready to dive into Corda? Check out the in-depth Certified Corda Developer Course. In this fully mentored intensive course you will learn how to design and build applications for Corda networks including the tools, language, thought process and service interfaces. You will complete hands-on projects as they acquire the full body of skills needed to pursue enterprise-class projects on Corda.

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